Using Git

Below are some notes on how to use git from day to day.



Command Description

$ git config --global "<your name>"
$ git config --global "<your email>"

Disabling Weak and Medium Ciphers on Plesk

One of the things that Qualified Scanning Vendors look for on a server is that the server does not use weak AND medium strength ciphers. Plesk does come with a tool to enable you to switch off weak ciphers used with courier, Apache, and the control panel itself.

# /usr/local/psa/admin/bin/pci_compliance_resolver --enable all

This will disable all weak ciphers for courier mail, Apache, and the control panel. Other parameters are:

Reading an InputStream to a String

InputStreamReader isr = new InputStreamReader(conn.getInputStream());
BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(isr);
StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer();
String line;
while ((line = br.readLine()) != null)
result = sb.toString();
  1. Get an Input Stream from an existing object such as a connection object and pass it as the parameter in the constructor of the InputStreamReader
  2. Create a new BufferedReader object and pass the newly created InputStreamReader throught

Plesk Backup Error: Specified file is not accessible

 I just did a kernel upgrade on the server and after making sure that the IPs and services were working properly I tried to backup a domain through the web interface and got this error:

Plesk Backup Error: Specified file is not accessible

I know that the location for Plesk back up files are located in /var/lib/psa/dumps

The owner was correct, psaadmin:psaadmin. Then I noticed that the tmp directories permissions were set to 700, so after running:

FTP per_source_limit Error

While trying to download and upload files via FTP, I was getting

Oct 11 15:19:39 209443-www2 xinetd[12269]: EXIT: smtp status=1 pid=8309 duration=0(sec)
Oct 11 15:19:39 209443-www2 xinetd[12269]: FAIL: ftp per_source_limit

In order to fix this I had to modify the /etc/xinet.d/ftp_psa file. I did so by adding the bold lines to the file:

Trouble Shooting Email Issues

There are a number of things I look for when I receive an email about one of our clients not being able to send email. After reading through the case, the first thing I do is look at the bounce back message. Usually the error code within the message will tell me whats wrong. There are times when you don'e get anything useful back. In that case, I do the following to try and get more information:

Parsing XML Documents in Java

I've decided to write an application in Java to manage my Rackspace Cloud Servers. To send requests and recieve responses, I opted to use XML. Parsing XML took a little getting used to because I didn't fully understand how Nodes/Elements and Attributes worked.

The following is the limits response:

<limits xmlns="">
		<limit verb="POST" URI="*" regex=".*" value="10" remaining="2" unit="MINUTE" resetTime="1244425439" />
		<limit verb="POST" URI="*/servers" regex="^/servers" value="50" remaining="49" unit="DAY" resetTime="1244511839" />
		<limit verb="PUT" URI="*" regex=".*" value="10" remaining="2" unit="MINUTE" resetTime="1244425439" />
		<limit verb="GET" URI="*changes-since*" regex="changes-since" value="3" remaining="3" unit="MINUTE" resetTime="1244425439" />
		<limit verb="DELETE" URI="*" regex=".*" value="100" remaining="100" unit="MINUTE" resetTime="1244425439" />
		<limit name="maxTotalRAMSize" value="51200" />
		<limit name="maxIPGroups" value="25" />
		<limit name="maxIPGroupMembers" value="25" />