Building and Distributing an iOS Application


  1. Apple Developer account
  2. Xcode is set up with both a developer and distribution provisioning profile
  3. An application has been created in iTunes


  1. When you're ready to build or test an app that you've made, select the project in the Project Explorer 

  2. Select the project again when Xcode displays the properties of the project.
  3. Under Code Signing for both Debug and Release select your respective provisioning profile.

  4. Set the simulator to iOS Device

  5. Using the image in step 4, click and hold the project name, in this case Persistence, and select Edit Schema
  6. Click on Archive in the left hand pane, and set the Build Configuration to Release

  7. Click OK to close the window.
  8. Go to Product -> Archive to build the Archive.
  9. When Xcode finishes building the archive, the Organizer will open. Select the archive that was just built and validate it by clicking on the Validate… button.
  10. When the archive has been successfully validated, click on the Distribute… button.
  11. Xcode will ask for your Apple Developer ID and password, provide those.
  12. The next step will ask you what app this is for. The pre-requisite for this step is that you have created an app in iTunes Connect or have specified that you want to release a new version of the app. If you have not done either, you can not continue.