Creating Apple Provisioning Profiles


  • $99 Apple Developer account
  • If you are on a team, then you need to be either an Admin or a Team Agent.
  • Test Device with it's UUID
  • App ID
  • Developer Certificate (and Provisioning Profile)
  • Distribution Certificate (and Provisioning Profile)

Adding a Device to the Provisioning Portal

In order to create a Provisioning Profile you need to add a device to the account. To do this, the UUID must be obtained. This UUID is a 40 character hex number which can be found one of two ways.

Programmically Creating Roles

I recently wrote a module that required certain roles to be created. My goal was to be able to drop the module in and go, so develop module, install module on live site, and boom goes the dynamite.

The first thing I did was create the function to create the roles:

Disabling XOrg Standby, Suspend, and Sleep Mode

While wanting to watch Hulu on the computer connected to my TV I ran into the issue where every 5 minutes the TV would go into sleep mode. I was not able to find anything in KDE to prevent this from happening.

I did find a command that would allow you to set this option until XOrg was restarted.


# xset q

This will get you information about the keyboard, pointer, screen saver, colors, font path, and DPMS (which is what we want)

Screen Captures on Android Phones

I know you can take a screen shot on an iPhone by holding down the only two buttons, which got me thinking "I should be able to do that on Android phones too." So doing some googling for a few minutes, the only thing that I was able to find was connecting phone to a computer and firing up Eclipse and doing it through the SDK/IDE, downloading a special App and again connecting it to your computer, or installing a 3rd party app.

Having Views Initially Display Empty Text and Setting a Default Value

I have found a way to initially show no results when a view loads, but if I want to display a specific value if nothing is found, that's a different story. One instance that you would want to do something like this is when you're making a distributor or representative locator. In this case, if no results are found, then you want to display the corporate office's contact information. 

I am assuming you have selected the fields you want to display, filtered how you wanted, and exposed what filters you want the user to use.

FastCGI + suExec + PHP

In order to increase security on a webserver, especially on a shared host, using suExec and FastCGI to execute a PHP script as a normal user will add a level of security. For example, we have a vhost configured already: