Java Observer Pattern

The best way to think about the Observer Design pattern is to think of it as "You are observing something. When what you are watching does something, you react to it."  This is also sometimes called a publish-subscribe relationship. The comments in the story help put what's going on in perspective. The interfaces aren't necessary.

Installing and Updating Plesk SSL Certificate

When Plesk is installed, a self-signed SSL certificate is generated which will expire in a year is generated and used for when you access the Plesk control panel. This is all fine and dandy. However, when people go to they will receive a warning message about the certificate. 

Using we want to access Plesk and have a certificate that has been signed by a trusted authority. 

Logging out Other Users

There's been times that I forget to log off my computer at work. I do have the ability to VPN into the office and ssh into my box. From there I can log myself out:

Find out which terminal I forgot to log myself out of:

# who

Kill the terminal I'm logged in at, if I am logged in at pts/0, then I would issue the following command: