Magento Migration

One of the things I do at my job is launch websites. We use three different content management systems. One of them being Magento for the clients that just want a ecommerce site. When I launched a Magento site for the first time I found that it was a little more involved than exporting the database using PHPMyAdmin, copying the files, and re-importing the database.

Red Hat / Fedora Run Levels

Red Hat / Fedora run level configuration differs from Gentoo when it comes to configuring daemons to start on boot. In Gentoo, after installing a daemon such as apache: # rc-update add apache2 default The above we are adding apache to the default run level which is usually run level 5 The run levels are as followed:
Run Level Description
1 Single User
2 Multi-user
3 Multi-user with Networking

pcfg_openfile: unable to check htaccess file, ensure it is readable

While working on an internal project I noticed that the php file() function was not able to open a file and dump the contents into a variable. After moving the file to a different directory the PHP script was able to read the file. In addition to this side affect, accessing files through

I first noticed some images not displaying on a web site that were correctly linked to. Looking at the error_log, I saw entries such as:

Virtualbox Virtual Bridging

I've been using VMWare for the last couple of years. What I really liked about it was that when you ran the script, it would automatically set up interfaces for the virtual machine to interact with the host OS. What I didn't like was that the guest OS was so slow. I heard about Parallels, and from what I've seen, it's a very slick and had a great feature that allowed you to switch to seamless mode.

Perl and Apache on Mac OS X

The other day while I was modifying a client's site I saw that his contact form was in PERL. Recently I just got a Mac Book Pro. I've set up XAMPP and Eclipse on it to do my PHP programming, but I didn't count on getting into any PERL. As a challenge I thought it would be fun to do some PERL programming. I first installed XAMPP. Right out of the box I was able to do PHP programming and access MySQL databases which saved me some time configuring and trouble shooting issues. Or so I thought. I've written PERL scripts before, but never done anything that would run on a web server.