pcfg_openfile: unable to check htaccess file, ensure it is readable

While working on an internal project I noticed that the php file() function was not able to open a file and dump the contents into a variable. After moving the file to a different directory the PHP script was able to read the file. In addition to this side affect, accessing files through

I first noticed some images not displaying on a web site that were correctly linked to. Looking at the error_log, I saw entries such as:

Virtualbox Virtual Bridging

I've been using VMWare for the last couple of years. What I really liked about it was that when you ran the vmware-config.pl script, it would automatically set up interfaces for the virtual machine to interact with the host OS. What I didn't like was that the guest OS was so slow. I heard about Parallels, and from what I've seen, it's a very slick and had a great feature that allowed you to switch to seamless mode.

Perl and Apache on Mac OS X

The other day while I was modifying a client's site I saw that his contact form was in PERL. Recently I just got a Mac Book Pro. I've set up XAMPP and Eclipse on it to do my PHP programming, but I didn't count on getting into any PERL. As a challenge I thought it would be fun to do some PERL programming. I first installed XAMPP. Right out of the box I was able to do PHP programming and access MySQL databases which saved me some time configuring and trouble shooting issues. Or so I thought. I've written PERL scripts before, but never done anything that would run on a web server.

Disabling iSight Built in Mac Web Cam

I've never been a fan of Web Cams, but my Mac Book Pro did not come with the option of not having one. Since I'm a bit on the paranoid I want a way to disable the camera. The easist way, but not the best way is to move or rename a file. The file that we're looking for is the QuickTimeUSBVDCDIgitizer.component file. This file is located in the /System/Library/QuickTime folder. What I did to disable my iSight was move the file up a directory.

Search Engine Marketing Notes

A few months a go I took a position at a company where my job was to help Account Managers with optimizing their clients web sites. I've been doing web pages for years, and have been working with PHP for the last four years. Just last year I started working with ASP.NET 2.0. I must say that I do like ASP for the sole reason that it's extremely easy to pound out a good looking web site in little time. My skills as a PHP and ASP programmer have helped out a lot.


*/ /*-->*/ A while back I was working on a site, and as I was writing the back end and making sure that it works properly I thought to myself "If .NET has nunit, and Java has junit, does PHP have phpunit, or something similar?" After some digging I found t