Restricting Selects and Sorting Data

When you select data, there’s a good chance that you’re looking for something specific. In using the SELECT statement you can attach a WHERE clause to limit the data that you are looking through. If you’re very good and know what you’re looking for then you can use the WHERE clause to find exactly what you want.

Joining Tables

Joining tables brings together data from two or more tables in one query in order to get all the information you need. There are six different types of joins:


SVCHOST Error on Logon

If you log on to the computer and you see a message like this: svchost.exe -- application error the instruction at "0x745f2780" reference memory at "0x00000000". the memory could not be 'read' Chances are that you have corrupted Windows Update data.

Manipulating Data and Transaction Control

The keywords that Manipulate data and control transactions are called Data Manipulation Language or DML. With out the DML a database would be useless and a waste.

Inserting Data

Syntax INSERT INTO tablename [(columnname, ...)] VALUES (datavalue, ...); When inserting data if you are inserting a full row of data, placing data in all columns then you can omit the column names as long as you follow the order of the columns in the table.

Oracle Constraints

Constraints are used to keep accurate data. In oracle you can apply these policies to a column or table. There are five different types of constraints:
Constraint Abbreviation Description
PRIMARY KEY _pk This is a unique field that is not allowed to have null values.
FOREIGN KEY _fk This constraint is placed in the "many" table.

Multibooting with Vista

With every new operating system comes headaches as we find that our favorite programs or hardware no longer works with it. If you're like me, you're probably being forced into using Windows because everyone else does. Then again, if I had Linux installed on my box along side Vista, I'd feel a bit dirty and I'd be using a real boot loader like GRUB. In Vista Microsoft did away with the ntldr.exe and boot.ini files and replaced it with a new program.