Root and Sacral Chakra

The first Chakra is the Root Chakra. This is what grounds us to the earth. People who are charismatic are more ground than others. With out grounding, people tend to feel lost and in search of a home. The feeling of being grounded usually takes place in the first 5 years of life.

The second Charkra is the Sacral Charkra. This is where sexual health is located. The author starts going into detail about how this also affects relationships. This needs to be balanced, if it is not then feminine or masculine energy will become dominant. The energy that is submissive will result in the person seeking that kind of energy in another person. Hence why opposites attract. The relationship is then built on a need rather than a want. The line between needing and wanting is so thin that it’s often confused. To need someone is unhealthy, however if you want to be with them, then the relationship will succeed after that initial flood of ‘energy’ or love for the first 3 months.

I’m currently reading about the Solar Plexus and how it all plays into the equation.

Do I believe this? Not entirely. I have my skepticism about this topic however, some of the points are valid. I’ve always believed that people generally have a tough time understanding abstract thoughts and ideas so it’s only natural to manifest these thoughts or ideas in something or someone else.

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