Psychic Hearing

Unlike the other psychic senses, Psychic Hearing isn’t as easy as dismiss. Where that feeling you get could just be nervousness, that feeling of knowing could be Deja Vu, and what you see could be dismissed as nothing more than an over active imagination.

Psychic Hearing impressions are usually subtle. This ability is very much like talking to yourself. People who have this ability may not even know they have it. Often times they rationalize their premenotions being nothing more than an over active imagination. These people tend to ask:

  • Does psychic perception really exist?
  • Why haven’t I had the same kind and number of ESP experiences as other people?
  • Others have strong feelings, experience intuitive premonitions, and see visions. Why doesn’t that happen to me?

The receptive area for psychic hearing is located above the ears. Using this ability is like using your physical ears, but you are not focusing on your ears but the area above them.

  1. Sit comfortably; relax.
  2. Take a deep breath and exhale gently.
  3. Practice sensing the different parts of your head area.
  4. Shift your focus upward and sense the area above the ears. This area is about 1 – 2 inches above the ear.
  5. gnote how this area has a hieghtened sensitivity, like a microphone ready to amplify any sound or signal.
  6. Alternate the levels of focus several times, first aiming your awareness at ear level, then letting it slide up to the temporal-lobe area above the ears.

Practice by noticing the difference between outer and inner listening. Move to a location where you can hear people talking around you; sit down and relax:

  • Listen to some background converstation and notice how your attentino is not only at ear level, but how your sense of the sound is outside of you.
  • Shift focus now to the temporal-lobe area and talk to yourself, think to yourself. Notices how your attention is not only above the ear level, but above how your focus is inward.

Something that you can do is ask youself questions while you are doing the above exercise. When you ask yourself a question, don’t analyze it right away, just record it and come back to it later.

While working with psychic hearing you may recieve nothing more than a few words or sounds. These are called keywords. from there you have the skeleton for what you seek. You may also use psychic hearing to obtain your own mantra:

  1. sit quietly and relax.
  2. As you breathe omfortably and easily, turn your thoguhts inward and focus on yourself and your day.
  3. Project the mental question and at the same time let it echo in your mind.
  4. Grasp and note the word, phrase, or understanding that comes to your mind.
  5. Continue the process by reviewing the people and events of you upcoming day and getting psychic guidewords for dealing with them.


  • At full volume, best for grabbing attention.
  • Best for getting key guidewords and inital direction
  • Best for understanding and analyzing a problem or situation.
  • Best psychic sense for thought projection.
  • Best for getting specific answers to questoins.


  • At low volume, can be confused with thoughts.
  • One of the slower psychic senses.
  • One of the hardest psychic sense to develop.


  • Can hear when someone is lying to them.
  • Are the best at getting keyword mantras
  • Are the best transmitters of psychic thoughts.
  • Are least likely to experience psychic overload.
  • Are direct, uncomplicated initiators.
  • Are excellent organizers of details
  • Are the best at receiving and understanding specific psychic information


  • Can doubt their psychic potential and talk themselve out of ESP.
  • Can be overanalytical and ask too many questions.
  • Can come on too strong and radiate too much mental energy.
  • Can have trouble trusting feelings and intuition.
  • Can be least sensitive to psychic subtleties.

Personal notes taken from “You are Psychic” by Pete A. Sanders Jr.

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