Discovering your Past Lives

This weekend I finished Discovering Your Past Lives by Gloria Chadwick. I was rather disappointed by the book overall. Perhaps it was because I was expecting more out of it, something more scientific. She did touch on what Alpha and Beta brain waves were and through out the book she kept telling the reader to get ‘into Alpha.’ That was the extent of the science.

According to the Author, she makes claim that behaviors, how we talk, books we read, dreams we have, interests, hobbies, talents, and weather we like are all indications of who we were in a past life. Even the jokes we make and how our home is like indicates who we were in a past life. One of the more known is the Birthmark theory. Typically a birthmark is an indication of tramma that you suffered in a past life. One of the most entertaining claims is that deja-vu is a definite sign that something around you was apart of your past life, whether it be a person, place, or thing. I read an article by Rick Nauert Ph.D. There is a mechnism in the brain that distinguishes similar yet distinct places. When we visit a place, neurons in the brain fire creating a blueprint. So next time we see the place, the same neurons fire. When we come into a new place, that is very similar to a place that we’ve already been, some of the same neurons fire as well as new neurons creating the sensation of deja-vu.

The next major subject of the book is Karma and why we are destined to be reincarnated. We are reincarnated to perfect our souls by learning lessons. If we let someone down in a past life, we must learn that lesson by living it in another life. Frankly, I believe that’s stupid. I don’t think I need to learn a lesson by having to live it. Personally the idea of us dying, poking around in the interuim deciding what lessons we want to learn in the next life is completely absurd.

“Karma is the universal law of cause and effect.” It IS cause and effect, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist or deep philosopher to come up with that. The cause and effect can be felt from the time an event takes place to whenever it runs out of steam.

Perhaps re-incarnation isn’t what Gloria thinks it is. Perhaps re-incarnation is something along the lines of us living, then dying, our decaying bodies being used as food for plants, and those plants are consumed by pregnant women who then use that food to sustain the babies still in the womb. Perhaps there is a collective conscience that we all share and that we are nothing more than devices that access that database and utilize it’s resources to how we feel we can benefit from the situations.

If you are looking to discover who you are, then I don’t recommend you read this book. The way that the author describes how to retrieve past life memories is weak and can easily be suggested. To me it’s more about having a buffet of information laid out in front of you and you get to create who you were in a past life. Until there is a method of learning of a past life, if one actually exists or not, we will never know who we were.

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