Communicating with Spirits via the Ouija Board

It’s that time of year again. The time of year when the boundaries of the living and the dead are blurred. Where the spirits of the dearly departed come back to Earth. This is also a time of the year where adults and children alike dress up for some good old fashioned trick or treating.

On All Hallow’s Eve, some of use will sit down with friends and a Ouija Board to gain insight or have a little fun. I’ve done some research into the Ouija Board to learn how to use them and play with them safely.

In 1853, a French spiritualist named M. Planchette created the early version of the planchette. This early version of what is paired with the Ouija Board was originally used by mediums for automatic writing. It wasn’t until the planchette made it’s way to America when a cabinet and coffin maker named, E.C. Reiche took a wooden lap tray and inscribed the letters A-Z, numbers 0 – 9, and the words ‘yes’ and ‘no’ into it.

Reiche named his board ‘Ouija’ because he thought the word ‘Ouiji’ was Egyptian for “Luck.” The true meaning of the word “Ouija” is a combination of the French word “Oui” and “Ja” which both mean “Yes.” Reiche then sold his idea to his friend, Charles Kennard, who later founded the Kennard Novelty Co. Kennard received a patent for the board in 1890 and the first board was sold in 1891.

Not long after the Kennard Novelty Co. started, William Fuld and forced Kennard out of business and changed the name of the business to Ouija Novelty Co. He then began producing the Fuld’s Talking Board in record numbers. Fuld remained in charge of the business for the next 35 years, but in 1927, he died from falling off the roof of his office building. Whether it was an accident or suicide is unclear.

In 1966 Fuld’s heirs sold the company to Parker Brothers. The Ouija Board is the only game to outsell Monopoly.


The Ouija Board is extremely easy to use as there is no special requirements other than an open mind. Although one person can use the board, it’s recommended that at least two people use the board. No more than 5 people should be on the board at one time.

I’ve read that a Ouija board should be used indoors and indoors as this is a controlled environment for the communicating with spirits. If the session is conducted outside, it’s said that you may attract elemental spirits by the energy that you’re trying to channel through the board. These elemental spirits are a lot harder to control. The argument of why you should do it outside is that so nothing remains in your house after you finish your session. If you close the session right, then you don’t have anything to worry about. I have done sessions in my basement and even on my bed. Afterwards I have not experienced anything out of the ordinary.

When doing a session inside adhere to all the fire safety rules when lighting candles and turn off all the lights. The use of black candles will attract negative entities. So the use of any other candle is fine.

Never use the board while under the influence of drugs or alcohol and remain in a positive frame of mind. In the event that something begins to spell out a sinister word such as devil, demon, 616, etc, dismiss that spirit. If the planchette starts making an infinity symbol or moves to all four corners of board, dismiss that spirit as it is probably an evil one. Another thing to watch out for is if the planchette moves from A to B to C and so on or 1, 2, 3 and so on. Dismiss that spirit.

Once you are done, move the Planchette to goodbye after asking the spirit if you can leave then flip the board. This will ensure that the board is closed.

As I said before, using a Quija Board is very easy. If you really wanted to, you could sit down and start using one and disregard everything that I said or what ever any one else has said. You may not get anything or you may not get what you want.

Things to Remember

  • Be serious, but it’s ok to have a little fun.
  • Don’t contact anyone specifically.
  • Don’t fully believe or act upon anything that is said.
  • Be respectful to the spirits even if they are being rude.
  • Move the planchette to goodbye to end the session after asking them if you can leave. Then flip the board when you’re done using it.
  • Never ask the spirit to do anything such as move something in the room or make a noise. By doing this, you’ve said it can leave the board.
  • If the planchette moves to all four corners, then it’s an evil spirit. Dismiss the spirit.
  • An infinity symbol made with the planchette is also bad.
  • When the planchette iterates through the alphabet or numbers, then dismiss that spirit.
  • Do not let the planchette off the board. This is a spirit that is trying to escape.
  • Don’t leave the lights on. Leaving the lights on is said to chase them away.

Other Advice

  • Have a cup of water and another cup of salt by the board.
  • Say a prayer of protection and a prayer for after you finish the session.
  • Burn sage before using the board as it will keep the area clean of bad spirits.
  • Use a ring of salt around the board to keep the energy contained and anything else out.
  • Place a pure silver coin on the board to keep evil away.
  • Have a cup of water to attract spirits.
  • Don’t play alone.

Questions to Ask

Talking to a spirit is like talking to anyone else. Be respectful and don’t egg them on. Some good questions to ask are:

  • Are there any spirits here?
  • Would you like to talk to us?
  • What is your name?
  • How old are you?
  • Where did you live?
  • When did you die?
  • How many spirits are here?
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