Java Doc

Documentation is key when programming. There is the documentation in the code itself such as what the heck you're trying to do there. There is also the documentation that describes the functions and objects and how to use them. Luckily there is a tool that helps the programmer create nice HTML documentation based on the comments within the code. This knocks out two birds with one stone. Javadoc is the tool to use for this task. There is also PHPdoc as well for, you guessed it PHP. For this entry we'll only be concerned about Javadoc.

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Corrupted User Profile

If you ever log into your Windows XP account and you see this error:Windows cannot load your profile because it may be corrupted. You may be logged in using a temporary User Profile. The way that Microsoft says to repair this problem is to backup the user's data and recreate the account.

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Rearming Windows Vista


At work we have a Core 2 demo running Windows Vista. This demo is not connected to the network because we don't want people coming in and changing the background image to display something obscene or pornographic. There is a neat little trick that I found one day while trying to figure out how I could reset the time until the user had to activate Windows Vista.

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SVCHOST Error on Logon

If you log on to the computer and you see a message like this: svchost.exe -- application error the instruction at "0x745f2780" reference memory at "0x00000000". the memory could not be 'read' Chances are that you have corrupted Windows Update data. To fix this problem follow these steps:

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