Resetting Locked Modx Account

By Paulus, 15 July, 2010

If you can't remember what password you used to login into your modx site and got locked out, you don't need to wait until the system unblocks you from any further attempts.

  1. Connect to the database via PHPMyAdmin or mysql cli
  2. When a user gets locked out, the blockeduntil and failedlogincount column in the modx_user_attributes table gets set a value of when the user can try again. Run the following query:
    > UPDATE modx_user_attributes SET blockeduntil=0, failedlogincount=0 WHERE id=1;

    id, is the id of the user you want to unblock.

  3. Login again.

This is pretty straight forward. If you forgot your password:

> UPDATE modx_manager_users SET password=md5('newpassword') WHERE id=1;